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C S.

I love this apartment complex. By far the nicest, cleanest, prettiest place I've lived as far as apartments go. Maintenance is timely and attentive. Grounds keeper does a fantastic job daily. The staff at the office are so friendly, caring, and kind. They make sure your needs are taken care of and they are always on top of their game. We also have a monthly neighborhood event that usually involved free food haha! And everyone loves free food, right? I absolutely love living here. Quiet, peaceful, and beautiful.

Cece L.

I pay to live here and should feel secure and safe using all of the amenities I PAY for. I have seen so many people enter the pool from the streets that do NOT live here and cause a ruckus and leave garbage behind. There is dog poop everywhere on the grounds and dogs run around off-leash. The apartments leave the security gates wide open 24/7 and I have had many creepy solicitors knock on my door and harass me to fill out surveys, calling management doesn't do a thing.

Megan J.

Very disappointing experience so far. Do not believe what the website and front office tells you. We moved in this weekend and were given no information other than "here are your keys". We were told we rented a newly updated ground floor apartment. That could not be further from the truth. "Ground Floor" to them means underground, and "updated" simply means they put granite counters in the tiny kitchen. The rest of the apartment is very old and dingy. The apartment was covered in cob webs and REEKED of paint. It seems as though they sent in a painting crew the day before and slapped paint up in 10 minutes. There is paint all over the floors/carpets. The cabinet doors were basically painted shut and all the shelves are now pealing off paint onto all of our clothes in the closet. There was clearly no walk through to make sure the apartment was livable before we got there because the air conditioner, washing machine, shower drains, and toilets are all in need of repair. My login for the apartment online had not been set up so i could not submit a work order so i called the front desk and no one answered. I drove to the front (during Saturday office hours) and no one was there. I went back again on Sunday and no one was there AGAIN. Long story short we are paying WAY to much to live in these conditions and if we could do it again we would have rented elsewhere.

Caroline R.

Beautiful apartments, great area, HOWEVER: we moved into an already flea-infested apartment and no matter how many times we called management or tried to have them reimburse us for rent since the apartment was not livable, they would not cooperate. The fleas were so bad that we had to move to a different unit. A few months later and we are now dealing with a rat infestation. Management has been slow to respond to our problems and hasn't provided a lot of help. Overall: management is not great and we've had so many problems including fleas, rats, dishwasher flooding and falling out of the wall, bugs, etc.

Harrison M.

Be Very Careful! I left after 1 year of leasing there due to roaches and the complex water being turned off multiple times due to pipes bursting. The maintenance staff is fine, but the leasing staff will charge you at every opportunity---especially when you move.

About Grand Highlands At Mountain Brook and reviews

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About Grand Highlands At Mountain Brook and reviewsAbout Grand Highlands At Mountain Brook and reviewsAbout Grand Highlands At Mountain Brook and reviewsAbout Grand Highlands At Mountain Brook and reviewsAbout Grand Highlands At Mountain Brook and reviewsAbout Grand Highlands At Mountain Brook and reviews